The DJ Turkey

It was Sunday afternoon when TJ the turkey went to the bowling alley. TJ was an ordinary turkey with brown eyes, and wore black  blue and white T-shirts. He also wore blue jean. TJ wanted to be a DJ at the bowling alley since the DJ that used to be there moved away.

TJ went to the bowling alley and got on the DJ and started to play music.  The local gang came over and said “That hurts my ears whimp.” The gang was a bunch of turkeys that bullied TJ. Their leader was Jacob. Jacob had green eyes, wore white, black, and green T-Shirts. He also wore a black jacket with green stripes on the sleeve. The gang threw DJ on the floor and they started to play music. TJ got up and walked to his house. TJ got mad at the gang.

The next day he got an instructor to help him get better. TJ learned some basic stuff about playing the DJ. What he learned was basic but still good to know. TJ practiced at home with his instructor. The next day they went to the bowling alley and practiced the DJ. The gang was there that day. The gang walked over to DJ and the instructor. They beat up the instructor and ran away. The gang chased DJ around town, but they caught him. The gang threw DJ in a dumpster. TJ got out of the dumpster and went home and took a shower after smelling like dead fish and farts. TJ was furious. He wanted to beat the gang up and throw them in the dumpster.

The next day TJ practiced until he thought he was good at the DJ. TJ went to the bowling alley and got on the DJ. TJ started to play and the gang was stunned. The gang left the place. TJ was proud of himself. TJ goe all the girls and was the most popular guy in school because he made the gang speechless.

After that TJ was the best DJ in the town, and the state. No one picked on him or teased him after that.


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